Sadie’s life started full of curiosity and wonderment as she grew up on a farm in southern Iowa with her six siblings, From an early age, she was always asking the question “why”, even if to her own determent :)

This lead her to take an unconventional path studying piano performance, neuroscience, psychology, and data science.

Today Sadie works as a Data Scientist for VSP Global,  teaches for UC Davis, and is the Founder and CEO of Women in Data, a national non-profit organization focused on increasing diversity, creating connection, and driving meaning from data.

Sadie’s true passion stems from bringing compassion to business, and she finds joy in helping individuals become liberated on their own personal journey to a more authentic and connected life.

Sadie holds a Masters degree in Analytics from Villanova University and a Bachelor's degree Psychology from California State University, Sacramento. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, and Human-Centered Design Facilitator.  

In her free time she enjoys drinking tea, traveling, skiing, paddle boarding, and authentic conversations over a glass of wine.